Beautiful Tents from India




Our stylish collection of tents has been featured in Vogue, Town & Country, Greenwich Magazine and other publications. They can accommodate anywhere between 10 - 300 guests in a multitude of settings. Please contact our team and we will be happy to discuss with you in person what the best tent or combination would be for your event.



The Raj can accommodate 20 for dinner, 40 for cocktails or be used as an extended room in the summer. by the pool, on your terrace or in the garden.

Dimensions: 19'8" x 13'2"


This magnificent tent can comfortably accommodate 60 people for a sit down dinner or 100 for drinks. It can be supplied with walls in addition to the muslin curtains to protect from a spring or fall chill. This is perfect for the garden, terrace, picnic or beach.

Dimensions: 32'10" x 19'8”


Canopies make a terrific entrance to any party; a sun awning; an area for musicians or band; a bar tent.

Dimensions:  18' x 9' or custom-made any size



These tents are our smaller tents but still very versatile. They can be used inside or outside for an intimate dinner (seating 8-10); a relaxing refuge with floor cushions; as an entrance tent; a tent for musicians or a band; for childrens parties or as a changing area in a shop, yoga studio or by a pool. 

Pergola Dimensions:  9'8" square on bamboos;  9'2" square on metal frame.

Pavilion Dimensions:  13' diameter or custom-made any size

CUSTOM & Miscellaneous

Our factory in India can accommodate any special requests for tents to be purchased. We have handled everything from a bespoke tent for a Hollywood movie;  customizing awnings for outdoor terraces or "tenting" ceilings for conservatories or rooms. No job is too big or too small.

Our miscellaneous tents include an eclectic variation ranging from one for your canine companion to an outdoor swinging sofa.