Beautiful Tents from India

Raj Tents

Raj tents

The Raj can accommodate 20 for dinner, 40 for cocktails or be used as an extended room in the summer. by the pool, on your terrace or in the garden. Its size is suited for a wide variety of uses.

They can be supplied with walls in addition to the muslin curtains. A range of colours are available on a metal frame for interior use or on terrace or on bamboo poles for use on grass.


Raj Traditional Pole

The Raj tent is traditionally set up with bamboo poles for strength and durability. This tent is usually used during larger parties as a bar, an outdoor chill-out and smoking area. It is also an ideal set-up for cocktail parties and outdoor lunch or dinners.

Garden Party 2011 .jpg

Raj Metal Frame

The Raj can also be assembled on a metal frame which can be used indoors or outdoors on stone or wooden surfaces weighed down by stone bases. The absence of two center poles makes it ideal for a dance area.