Beautiful Tents from India

Pergola & Pavilion Tents

Pergola & pavilions

They can be supplied with walls in addition to the muslin curtains. A range of colours are available on a metal frame for interior use or on terrace or on bamboo poles for use on grass.


Pergola Tent

The Pergola Tent is our smallest tent but incredibly versatile. It can be used for an intimate dinner, a royal entrance, a ceremony tent, a reading tent on your dock, or for entertaining children. It can also be used as a corridor between two larger tents. It is available both on bamboo and a metal frame.


Pavilion Tent

We have chosen this tent to be our namesake for a reason. The Pavilion Tent is versatile, comfortable, intimate, standalone and iconic. It provides an elegant setting outdoors for light entertainment, a place of repose, a ceremony tent, intimate dinners or to provide shade next to your pool or tennis court. It is available on both bamboo and a metal frame.